This year, I spent the last day of 2013 and the first two days of 2014 (Dec 31st -Jan 2nd) on Huang Shan. It’s only my second time on the mountain (I last visited in the summer of 2012). Huang Shan has a special meaning to my dad, so it’s only fitting that we were able to spend 3 nights on top of the mountain during a special time. 2013-2014 translated to Chinese is 一生一世 (a whole lifetime), but it also sounds like 一山一世 (one mountain for life).

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My dad has been to Huang Shan many times, when he was a kid, when he was an adolescent, just after he got married and a few more times after that. He has an affinity for these mountain ranges that has accompanied him throughout his life. In ways, I feel an affinity to these mountains as well. Compared to the last time I scaled the ranges, it was much harder in the winter, but the sunrises also seem much more majestic. We woke up early in the night to wait for the sun to rise at different peaks each morning, and I think the cold somewhere contributes to the gratification we feel when we see that first sliver of sun peak out from behind the ranges.

I can’t wait to come back here at a different time of year next time. I have a feeling that I will be coming back many more times for the rest of my life.


First sunrise of 2014 was at the Lotus Peak.


Huang Shan is known to be an attraction with very low ecological impact. All provisions are carried by hand from the base to the summit.


A stone monkey watches over the city beneath.

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Made some updates to my site! Overall design is mostly the same, but I did some rough usability testing with my friends and found that some of the interactions such as the contact bar that directs to the bottom of the page were pretty confusing for visitors. I swapped that out for a slide in bar that can be triggered anywhere on the page. I also added a lot of new content and images!